WFPF Competitions

The USAP mission is to serve the Parkour/Freerunning community and to facilitate the “open-source” evolution of parkour as it enters the mainstream of US sport. While we respect parkour as a self-taught and non-competitive discipline, we recognize that many find competition a way to enhance camaraderie with others.  Therefore we have teamed up with the World Freerunning Parkour Federation to provide competition guidelines to our member gyms along with a safe, collegial and consistent gameplay through the WFPF Sanctioned Competition program.

We encourage Member gyms and non-Member gyms alike to fill out the simple questionare to find out how they can receive their own competition certificate sancitioning their events.

Benefits include:

  • Great marketing for your Parkour program
  • Awesome way for students and parents to see improvement in self-confidence and skills
  • Excellent way to increase camaraderie and friendships among students
  • Additional revenue stream
  • USAP member gyms enjoy discounts on event insurance and WFPF licensing and marketing fees for the event

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DISCLAIMER: USA Parkour is not a licensed insurance broker, but rather can offer comprehensive parkour coverage under our umbrella policy to any Certified USA Parkour Gym as a benefit of membership.