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For Everything College Parkour and Freerunning

Lead by current and former leaders of the college parkour community, USAP College is dedicated to addressing the most relevant and crucial issues for the future of collegiate parkour.

USAP College understands the problems parkour clubs face because we've been where you are now!

Our goal is to share our cumulative knowledge with you, saving you time and getting you back to sanctioned on-campus training. Our approach is personal and our advice is real, practical, experience-driven.

Want to start your own college club?

Don’t know where to begin?  Let us help you get started!

USAP College was founded out of a desire to mentor college groups, providing practical tools like insurance, constitutions and by-laws, hands-on club-building support, sponsorship, fundraising tips, and event sanctioning.  In addition, USAP college membership entitles you to discounts for WFPF Certifications, KO apparel, and parkour equipement.  USAP College strives to help you create an organization that your college or university can rely on for the structure and safety that meets administration liability requirments, while at the same time offering direct support to the student participants.

Already have a club?

We are here to help you take it to the next level, whether to gain official sanctioning from your school, help you obtain liability insurance, or to connect you with other clubs in our community for inter-collegiate jams, competitions, video contests, and sharing of news and ideas. 

Have an idea for an event on your college campus? Send us your thoughts and we'll help you organize and promote it, or simply give you ideas and a place to start.

USAP College is working to improve, promote, and advance college parkour at the grassroots level.  Have an idea on how to improve college parkour across America? We want to hear it!

Happy Training!

Meet the USAP College team

Collegiate Directors
Matt Milano & Greg Milano

Assistant Collegiate Directors
Eric Joyal & Christian Winchell

Want to get in touch? Have a question or Idea?
Email us at

Have questions on insurance for your group?

Email us at

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DISCLAIMER: USA Parkour is not a licensed insurance broker, but rather can offer comprehensive parkour coverage under our umbrella policy to any Certified USA Parkour Gym as a benefit of membership.