Woodinville WA. Aug. 26th-29th 2022


-Friday the 26th. 7am-11am (Break) noon-4pm "Parkour:Student bands 1-3" 
-Saturday the 27th. 9am-noon (Break) 1pm-4pm "Freerunning:Student bands 4-5 "  
-Sunday the 28th. 10am-3pm "Testing"

Must have or planning to take & pass ALL previous levels.  Enrollment will for this level will be strictly limited to 15 Students.
-Monday the 29th. 8am-11:30 (Break) 12:30-4pm "Advanced Skills" student bands 6-8


  • Limited spaces available; registration is first come first served
  • Please note that previously indicating interest to Alpha Gymnastics does not reserve you a spot.
  • Online registration and payment is required to guarantee your space in the course.

Registration Deadline: August 18th 2022 (must make a deposit)

What to expect:

  • This is a hands-on course. Please wear athletic clothing and be prepared to move!
  • The physical assessment portion is to allow the World Freerunning Parkour Federation (WFPF) master trainers to see how comfortable the group is with movement and basic parkour skills.
  • Having participants physically learn and try the skills and progressions throughout the certification course also provides an opportunity for participants to identify errors and help to correct them.
  • If for any reason you are unable to physically participate in the course, please note that certification is still possible - the trainers are primarily looking for your ability to confidently and competently teach the material.

What you will receive:

  • Curriculum Booklets
  • Upon successful completion: electronic Certificate and WFPF coach ID*

What to wear:

             Face mask, comfortable, athletic clothing.

What to bring:

  • Water, a notebook and pen, copy of the course handouts  (print or electronic).
  • The course handouts will be e-mailed to all registered participants a few days before the course start date.


We are very excited to add you to the list of over 1,400 WFPF Instructors from around the world! We will be covering

beginner Parkour skills - advanced Freerunning moves at the 5 key events we teach from:






also an added link to a video from one of our previous certifications just to help you get an idea of the overall experience.

Certification Video:       https://youtu.be/zuU7BwyVyG4?list=PLJX8qaz1mKjAek20Od5iIfQIZo09--9TH

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